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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Pattaya - Thailand

Spend my CNY holiday in Bangkok. It's last minute plan, I packed my luggage before 6 hrs fly off to Bangkok. Chio right?

Went to Center World to buy NaRaYa bag is the first thing I did after check in hotel. How can you miss NaRaYa bag in Bangkok? The bags is cheap, and you can found that a lot of Asian in the shop(everyday).

Went to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market next day early morning. The most famous of the floating markets is Damnoen Saduak (outside Bangkok, around 90 minutes from city to the Damnoen Saduak Floting Market).

Imagine canals filled with sellers of fruit and souvenirs, Thai food, which can be prepared directly in the boat, colorful flowers and the aroma of spices create.

The price of floating market is 2-3 times higher than in ordinary shops and shops of Bangkok, with any purchase do not hesitate to make bargain, you can usually bring down the price by 50-60%.

After walking through the rest of the market we went off to the Cobra show (which we were informed by the signs is the best show in the world) where we watched various cobras (close to the Dumnoen Saduak Floating Market). Highlights included a snake biting its handler and a fight between a mongoose and a Cobra! They separated them after the Mongoose got the upper hand! They showed us how to extract venom from the cobra, and then he proceeded to take it around the audience and let us touch the cobra.

There was also a jumping snake at the show. These snakes were all deadly venomous and they were fighting them with no regard. The last show is one of the keeper was antagonizing three snakes at the same time. Nasty looking and fast little buggers that coiled up ready to attack in a way that screams “Don’t mess with me.” After the keeper sufficiently antagonized these creatures he systematically rounded up two of them using his hands and holding on to their head, but what about the third? In all seriousness, you can’t make this stuff up, this crazy guy got face to face with this poised snake and preceded to do some sort of ninja front flip maneuver over top of the snake and ended up with the snakes neck IN HIS MOUTH!!! This guy is absolutely CRAZY!!! Anyway, I really had a good time at the show.

You can't miss The Erawan Shrine – Bangkok's Good Luck Charm. 号称世界上最灵验佛像!
The Erawan Shrine quickly drew many seekers of good fortune, bearing offerings to the four-armed, four-faced golden Hindu god. As more and more devotees were appeased, the shrine became one of the most revered sites in Thailand. Inundated with crowds of worshippers bearing offerings in exchange for granted wishes.

People can hire a cluster of two, four, six or eight dancers to perform and sing a prayer. Prices range from 260 baht to 710 baht, depending on the number of women. Many people pay the dancers to accompany their prayers, often in thanks for an earlier favor that devotees believe the shrine granted during a previous prayer session.

Grand Palace. Must Visit!

Went to Ayutthaya and Pattaya as well.

Will back to Thailand again. (If The Erawan Shrine fulfill my wishes XD)

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